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nkur Satija November 18, 2017
Please add the ability to browse “Learning Paths” from the app. I see no sense in browsing the site and logging again everytime to use learning paths feature. Also, please add the ability to create and save auto-playlist using learning paths. The windows version of the app crashes a too often even when every hardware and network is available for it. I love your training videos. Kindly try to fix the above mentioned minor issues as well.
Zach Taylor September 1, 2017
Ironically, this app is buggy. It frequently plays two audio streams after unpausing, one linked to the video and another that persists after I leave the app and into other apps. I have to force quit the app to get the second audio stream to stop. I love the content. This review is just for the buggy app in hopes that it gets fixed.
chueyeexiong2010 September 6, 2017
Speed control would be nice to have. Or else dont encrypt the videos so im able to watch the videos on a player that supports speed control. There’s a bug: pausing, unpausing, then pausing a video in quick succession causes the video to continue playing in the background even when it says the video is paused. The video continues playing after the app is closed. To stop the video I would have to kill the process.
Chris Geiger
Generally good. Enjoy having the option to download videos and change playback speed. App crashes on a regular basis. Playback speed UI should be formatted more like YouTube, going from 1.75 down to 1.5 requires going through 2, 0.5, 0.75, 1.00, 1.25.
Carlos Tello
The Lynda app design is elegant and the content is top notch. However, whenever I pause a video and minimize the player and later return to watch both the paused video and audio from other videos on my playlist will play simultaneously and the only way to stop this is by closing and reopening the app. Other than that the app is great.

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