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John DeFino January 18, 2017
Not working for me. Tried a couple of phones. An older Motorola everything seems to setup fine. Finds my Google Home device. But Speak command never sends anything to the device. Tried another, phone Galaxy S5, crashes when trying to find devices “Unfortunately AutoCast has stopped” Would like it to work and paid for it but so far no go.
joaomgcd January 19, 2017
Hi there. Have you reported the crash so I can take a look at it? Sorry for the trouble. About the Speak action, are you on the same wifi network as the Google Home device?
RiCK B January 11, 2017
Dev has good ideas, but never seems to keep his apps working long. Maybe he has ADD, because he’s always starting new projects, when more than half of his current apps fail to work properly. Numerous comments to reviews say “try the beta”, well we paid for this full version, so put the beta here instead of the broken version, if it’s so great.
joaomgcd January 11, 2017
Sorry for the negative impressions. Can you please specify which 11 apps (or more) of mine fail to work properly? I currently have 22 production apps I direct users to the beta when their specific issue is fixed in that particular beta. I don’t put the beta out for everyone when it’s not working for all cases I have reports of. Hope you understand.
hetile April 4, 2017
What a nice tasker plug-in. I’ve set it up so that when I receive a phone call or a new sms, push a speak to my google home for each contact I have pre-entered. Really nice. One “bug” (might be a configuration issue). After I receive a SMS it plays “You have a new sms from XYZ”, no problem. If I then start a spotify song, autocast seems to re-connect and take over the device every 30 or 60 seconds (I didn’t time it), and stop the spotify cast. If I restart my spotify, same thing, autocast re-connect. The only solution I can find is to disable tasker so it stop taking over the Google home. Is there a way to prevent AutoCast from maintaining connection with the device? One question Is there a way to pass the

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