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Tristram Bovell May 6, 2017
First impressions are mixed. There are some glitches with the bottom advert, that needs to be sorted urgently. Looking at comments below, I agree, we need a preview built into the app. Also, it would be good to see some developer responses to the comments left here. Feedback man!!! Talk to the people who want to use your app.
Vzw Care March 20, 2017
Works really well, love the auto connect option. Wish there was a preview mode in the app, but that’s not super important. Tip: use with HDMI-CEC and your TVs built in scheduled off command to turn on and off your TV without any action if your own
Eric Schneider September 25, 2017
This is the Chromecast app I’ve been waiting for. A little rough around the edges but still exactly what I’ve wanted for a Chromecast dashboard. Would love to see support for a Google Play Music or Spotify widget…that would make this app near perfect in my eyes.
Kevin Davison March 14, 2017
Was doing great. Only had a few options to decide from and when it kept saying 7 below when it was 23 above, I knew there was no use for this app with no other decent choices.
Kevin Duvernay
all in all app looks good. sets up easy. casts s dash with customizable content.. I would give a better rating but I causes Chromecast to reboot. which makes it unusable.. for me that is.. ifttt support would be an awesome new feature..
Heather Gelabert
So much potential, but won’t run right now at all. And before it started consistently crashing, it was really glitchy. Also, it would be nice if they kept a comprehensive list of RSS news and audio urls other than the 5 bbc stations listed. But I look forward to this coming together and being totally awesome!

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