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December 5, 2017
Looks like a very wonderful app, but just like another reviewer wrote recently, it’s not working with Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA cameras as advertised. The shows received FPS around 12, dropped FPS 100%, and diplayed FPS at 0. I’ve emailed the developer for help. Hoping to hear back soon.
Andrew J Gower December 2, 2017
Miles better than the rubbish software supplied with my camera by the manufacturer (Eye4). Only issue is the microphone – things I say into the app come out completely garbled on the camera whereas this is one of the few things that actually works perfectly with the terrible Eye4 app, so not a device issue. Camera is Vstarcam C7937WIP. Also wish I could add random cameras IN ADDITION to my cameras.
Tiny Solutions LLC December 3, 2017
We couldn’t find the way how to implement talking for VStarcam for newer firmware (it used to work sometime with older firmware). Best regards, Alex.
Ezra Wyche December 4, 2017
I will give 5 stars when the developers add the option to save the video & pics to Google Drive.
Tiny Solutions LLC December 4, 2017
Google Drive already supported in the app. Go to App Settings – Cloud Account and select Google Drive. Then in Camera Settings – Recording Settings select Google Drive Recording. Best regards, Alex.
Javier Pereda December 5, 2017
Please make montage screen casteable with Chromecast!!!
Joel Burns December 4, 2017
Easily the best app for ip cameras
Phillip Vanelli November 29, 2017
Edit: apparently I just didn’t know where to look, thank you for the quick response and showing me how to get the random cameras back. Love this app and the Developers. I’ve been using this app for a few years and loved it so much so that I have paid for the full version. after the last update I can no longer look at random cameras around the world, why did you remove that ability?

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