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Stuart David November 19, 2017
I loved it till the new update and all the 30 sec ads. Having to sit through them every single time I open up from doing something else on my phone is frustrating. At least the older version you could close it after a certain amount of time. So I can say that the app is so much better with the 30-second ads gone. The developer was awesome and I can say I love this app now. I have now found a new problem where it keeps launch in the Google Play Store over and over and over. Hopefully this can be addressed and then it would be 5 Stars again.
TChat September 11, 2017
Hi, yeah sorry those ads are not supposed to be there. I have disabled some networks. Please let me know if you still get them. Thanks 🙂
Shawn Padgett November 24, 2017
Ok, I went ahead and upped my rating from 1 star to 3 after getting the paid version. I paid for it since I consider it an investment in my stream. I’ll use it for a while and if it’s as useful as I think it will be to monitor chat while streaming, I’ll up my rating some more. One useful feature that seems to be missing would be Streamlabs integration.
TChat December 3, 2017
Thank you for the updated review and for paying for the app, it helps alot 🙂
Andrew Cameron December 3, 2017
Way over-monetized wrapper for IRC not worth it just for Twitch emote support. There are free IRC clients that keep me persistently connected to multiple Twitch chats without torturing me with ads. Uninstalled. Edit: I understand why ads are present in apps. The developer doesn’t seem to understand that they’re using egregiously many ads. The ad-supported version of this app is simply NOT WORTH USING because of how awful the advertising is.

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