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Ryan Sutherland December 2, 2017
Had I been given a week free trail I would have canceled I had this for less than 24 hours. I want my money back.
Jennifer McLaughlin November 27, 2017
The app does not open. Fix it or I’m cancelling
Denise Gilbert November 6, 2017
Working great now! Thank you for the fix, Passionflix!!!
Krystal Embry November 4, 2017
The app crashes a lot. It looks like it only has 2 original movies based on books. They are both really well done. The rest of the movies are things I’ve seen a dozen times.
Suzanne Critelli November 5, 2017
The app crashes and freezes a lot, which makes it difficult to watch the movie. Other than that, love the concept of our favorite romances are being turned into movies!
Brooke Parker Hill October 25, 2017
Since last update, constantly crashes. Beyond frustrating. My phone is the only way I have to watch since not compatible with my other devices yet. C’mon.
Tiffany Smith
Just downloading for my android, but it works well with my iPad mini. I would eventually like a fast forward and rewind, at least 10 seconds button, but so far, so good. Nice selection of movies, too, and not too many to be overwhelmed. I’m also looking forward to perhaps a few more foreign romances.
October 24, 2017
Does not open on my tablet Works on my computer and phone. No idea why it doesn’t open on tablet…that is disapointing!!
Maureen Pedersen October 30, 2017
Works great with Chromecast since the 10/24 update. I am able to watch on my smart TVs!
osei alexander November 2, 2017
Why demand payment before i sign up? Follow the model of netflix
Jackie Baker October 15, 2017
I like the APP but, would be better if it remembered or marked the place where you left off in the movie not restart every time you exit and return. Fix that problem and you’ll really have something.

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