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Kevin Slechta September 3, 2016
Da Bomb Fantastic way to watch Giant Bombs content. I love them, but I’ve always had issues watching their videos on mobile through their sites player. This makes it simple and quick to watch all GB content!
Karl Bix September 14, 2016
Awesome! Fixed: Stopped pulling new content :/ error message saying to try again later. Any chance we could get a dark theme?
Derek Tam December 24, 2016
My favorite giant bomb app The best way to watch videos about video games from a site about video games.
HTC Carr December 18, 2016
Great app, with video resume this would be 5 stars
Alex Santa Maria June 28, 2016
Works again with the latest update, no issues at all!
Andrew Andrew December 13, 2015
Search is broken Almost great, but when searching for a specific video with the full actual title, doesn’t appear in search results at all e.g. “Unprofessional Wednesdays: 11/27/2013”. Even searching for just the date gives useless results. Interface, Chromecast support, etc, all really great, I want to love this app. But if I can’t find the video I want to play …it’s pointless 🙁
James Arrico May 30, 2017
The look and feel of this is awesome, but when watching videos if you pause the video then open something else out doesn’t remember where you left it off. If they could fix this I would give 5 stars.
N. Spengler October 22, 2015
Perfect I said I’d give 5 stars if the problem was solved. And here they are.
Geoff Hackett October 13, 2015
Hottest giant bomb video app
Danny May 31, 2015
Luchadeer! An incredible app. I still prefer the Video Buddy but Luchadeer has a really good interface. They both are good. We’re lucky to have such awesome GB video apps made by the awesome community. Works great. No crashes. Enter ur boxee code and u can watch all ur premium stuff. Thanks app maker! ~sanzee

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