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Thomas Fundgrube September 30, 2017
I don’t trust thenasa liar. When ever they open the mouth they lie or depress information’s. The video can be day’s old. Everytime if something interesting is to see they stop the live feed. Listen corey goode and david wilcook
October 20, 2017
I just want to know where ALL the stars are at? Why are they not visible in the darkness of space? And why is the 2nd cam always pointed at the space station? It is like having a dashcam and aiming at your car’s hood…. makes no sense to me, but maybe I am unaware of the need to stare at the vessel and not space…
Victor McKinley
I’m at a loss for words to be able to see the world I live in from that far away knowing that that space station is moving at 1500 miles an hour and then to think about 7 miles a second I’m astonished and I’m glad I ran into this app. Every child and big child such as me always wanted to be an astronaut or Pilot. You’ll feel like one or the other with this app. Get it anyone who wants to see something you will never see without an app like this
River Dweller November 12, 2017
Ok, now I really, really want to get off this rock and look back upon it!! Guess this is the closest I can get. I love that I can take pics and video of the sky in app. Only thing I would like to change/add is the option to use non Google map, that never works for me. I could watch this for hours!
Thomas Hirschfelder October 12, 2017
Very cool seeing mother earth in all her glory as the astronauts see her. Amazingly beautiful and peaceful even as man’s wars, famines, and pestilence rage on and the effects of our presence on the planet are barely noticeable.

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