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Carlos Machuca October 24, 2017
Nouvelles sans parti pris | News without bias! … 2 étoiles moins car cette app ne fonctionne pas dans ma tablette Galaxy tab A | 2 stars less because the app can’t run in my Galaxy tab A.
Uber Guber October 10, 2017
I just wish they would fix the glitches. I support newsy and what they stand for, but the app needs help
Bryan Maddex October 6, 2017
Does not work when connected to the Bluetooth speakers. This has been the case for my Nexus 6 and Pixel XL
Paul Niswonger December 1, 2017
I stream on Roku. If you want to see the same stories week after week after week, then this is the place for you. Apparently not enough news to produce new stories. Not that that should be a problem within our great nation. Gonna HAVE to look for something else. Uninstall while you still can.
Scott Byrne November 27, 2017
No longer works with my galaxy s3 tablet
November 11, 2017
Never worked, locked up tablet when started.
Breanna Johnson September 24, 2017
I love Newsy. I watch it on my roku too! It’s unbiased and keeps you very informed. Only reason Im giving this app 4 stars is because the videos often refuse to load. :/
A Google User August 24, 2017
On note 4 edge. In each update there is another set of new bugs. This time it’s straight up crashing right from the start. Before that it was skipping videos from the list. Great content, so there’s that.
Barry Dodd September 1, 2017
This app is just good enough to make you really want it to work. Instead it stalls and freezes the phone and just frustrates you.
Jason B September 10, 2017
This app doesn’t work when connected to the Google Chromecast. It freezes, crashes, and repeat the videos during playback. I’ve contacted tech support several times with no response.

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