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Lenard Lynch September 18, 2015
Love it! Wonder how well your phone-to-home-network-to-chromecast performs? This will tell you fast. Test when you need to rule out your home-side (behind the firewall) setup. Is it bad WiFi, or bad ISP? Nice!
Joakim Romlin November 13, 2016
Does what it is supposed to do, I guess. The thing is, I can’t tell if my results are good or bad, there’s nothing to reference against. I get about 60fps at 1000 ms.
Andrew Mackenzie November 13, 2016
Fair point. Maybe we can add some reference, even if just on-screen text to explain what to expect. 60fps is good btw.
Daniel Moser May 15, 2015
I was looking for this! This is great, I always wanted to know how good my cast speed was. I can see the result, but how can I know if I’m good or not? Does there any roadmap on having some thresholds? Mine hits ~ 60 frames.
Avinell Orris October 31, 2015
Better than pong This shows an amazing frame rate and that pong should be able to run better then it does. A very good app to test your connection. And no invasive permissions. 5 star worthy
flash lightning
OK.. Having problems with my casting app.. This proved it, because the test keeps shutting down!… Now what?.. Do I go and play Bingo now?… Freaking garbage!
R Gaines January 6, 2017
Doesn’t connect While the phone communucates to chromecast app doesn’t see anything. Probably doesn’t work on most new models of phones.
Anarchy Cool December 20, 2016
Don’t get it You would be wasting your time with it
Fardeen farwest2208 July 29, 2016
What this apps really do? After install it shows black screen.????
Cristina Ruiz Navejar September 28, 2017
Only grey screen not good and not casting chrome cast
Damali Spencer December 29, 2016
This must the most useless app ever made!
Emily Salvador February 26, 2017
Useless … empty screen, no options/settings – Nothing!
Alex Scoggins aawscoggis November 24, 2017
I geting average of 30 fps around a average of 1020.xx ms. Device: Chromecast 2 gen.
Philip Seal October 8, 2017
Crashes as soon as I try to connect

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