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Bonnie Johnson December 5, 2017
The commercials are WAY louder than the show you’re watching. I have to mute it during every ad Because I watch while everyone is in bed sleeping, it’s annoying. I thought that wasn’t legal anymore!
Rajbir Sivia December 4, 2017
It says video on picture, why??
December 6, 2017
Excellent. What do you want? It’s Canadian. They do it right.👌
Kevin Delahunt November 30, 2017
I think they need to fix the notifications. If you get a push notification appearing in your notification area, “Trump declares war on North Korea” and you select it by tapping on it in your notification area, it opens the CBC app, but it doesn’t bring you to the article. So then you have to sift though the headlines in the app until you find what you were looking for. I’m uninstalling until this is fixed.
No Name November 25, 2017
Interface is clunky so I will go back to Google newsstand
Eddie C November 24, 2017
Video links no longer work either
Kevin Mitchell
Crashes constantly since redesign.
Wesley Bashforth October 23, 2017
The new update has caused trouble with watching video and the most annoying thing is that when scrolling the highlight feature always ends up being engaged and though back clicking sometimes unhighlights the text from then on every time I touch the screen it highlights more text. Very annoying. Still a great free app, and handy way to keep up with news
Pete Ballantyne October 7, 2017
Time will tell on content. However I have a significant issue in access. the the icon on my samsung tablet has vanished and when I go to Play Store I’m told that it is designed for phones. I can load the app on my pad but not the icon. Get with the times CBC, recognize that there are other platforms that we use!!

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