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Sarge of Dankest Dank December 1, 2017
Please somehow add an NSFW warning whenever someone or a bot account posts sensitive images, especially pornography. I’ve seen some disgusting images lately. Adding this helpful feature would be great. In fact, there are people at young ages that encounter disturbing images and I’m sure their parents are wanting the same thing to happen.
Mewtwopsychic December 2, 2017
Now this app does not lag at all and loads posts nicely. Also love how you can post pictures/gifs in comments. Newest update is the best. Super fast loading and download option easily available. Don’t think it can become any better than this.
A Google User December 1, 2017
Latest update seems to have fixed the having to refresh the application constantly and now notifications are coming through although some seem to be doubling up for some reason. Anyway much better than the previous version, so thank you Google.
Mk Nx
Full Android Wear support please. The ability to view posts from circles. The ability to compose a post from wearable. Other than that fix the constant crashing when scrolling down my home feed. It crashes every time I use the damn app.
Zoltan Forray November 29, 2017
I have over 300-million views of my pictures and over 123,000 worldwide followers of my Classic Car collection . New articles ( I am interested in…not just trash articles) every few seconds. 400 million active users. Sure is active for a ‘ghost town’.
Chris Micallef November 30, 2017
Scrolling issues again with latest update with stuttering ,the previous version had solved this issues but now it’s back again remove the animation it just breaks the scrolling
Slobodan Dumnić December 1, 2017
Are you ever going to fix the force closing issue?? Seriously, there’s been a hundred updates since it appeared and you keep ignoring it!
wedecideit December 1, 2017
There is this glitch where I can’t see all my notifications from before! The newest update didn’t fix it! Please fix it!
M S P ! November 30, 2017
i am not getting youtube notifications AT ALL .. its sooo annoying..FIX THIS PLEASE!!!! ….what is going on ..can someone reply? Edit..still not solved..i cant believe a app with a billion downloads has such a poor service

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