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Chan Myat Oo June 5, 2017
By far the best download app for android. I wish i can have it on PC too. I compared​ with other download apps on same network, same phone, same website (in my case sharemods bcoz I’m ETS2 fan). This one comes on top everytime.
Garett Tordeur August 2, 2017
Tried 3 different apps, by far the best one. Easy to use and haven’t fond a format it doesn’t work with yet
Shehab talaat May 9, 2017
ALOT of lag when i load some sites it makes the app un usable
Oleksandr Zvarich August 12, 2017
Speeds up downloads beyond what I expected. Works really well for me
Shain Alam August 17, 2017
Need update and this is really good
Kendrick Sands April 29, 2017
great app easy to use
Zh Wang June 19, 2017
Like it. It can do exactly what you expect.
Raja Sekar June 8, 2017
Download speed is slow
BD Co August 21, 2017
Top Notch.Thanks a ton to the DEV for this app.
Jeff Nelson July 22, 2017
Awesome finally one that just works
Marwan Abdelzaher April 9, 2017
Sooooo bad
Niranjan shinde September 11, 2017
Want to increases speed of downloads
Boray Eris May 29, 2017
Best stream downloader.
moawad EL shafei October 14, 2017
It’s very useful
September 11, 2017
it ‘s so good😍😊
Soma Elmahdy August 9, 2017
Very easy to use
deepam bahre July 13, 2017
Very good downloader
bosy’s games September 18, 2017
I love this app
lechboam stephen September 20, 2017
Zeko SH Vlogs October 31, 2017
Richard July 4, 2017
Works great.
bedabrata guha neogi July 19, 2017
One of the best
Lord Lucius August 5, 2017
Great app
June 1, 2017
Great app
October 31, 2017
So cool
Afrial Widyanto November 1, 2017
Good app

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