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Romina Delucchi December 1, 2017
I adore this app. I’ve been enjoying it since 2014, and every year it feels me with joy when it updates around the end of November, getting ready for Christmas time. One thing I would love to see are new games and new Santa’s videos. The ones available are adorable, but it wouldn’t hurt this Christmas-lover girl to enjoy fresh material. Keep up the great work, and happy Christmas!
Katherine Kat December 2, 2017
I love this game, but it says it adds new games every single day, but I haven’t seen that. Also, I still can’t see the elf jetpack game! I hope you will add that on at least one of the days.
Debbie Mager November 29, 2017
It only feels like 10 mins ago we last installed this game for last Christmas. We love it and my son gets very excited when father Christmas is ready to take off!
Mr Ee December 1, 2017
This is such a good game. When the holidays roll around. In November i always think about how much fun the games will be in the new year. This is such a fantastic game to get you in the holiday spirit. And watching home alone.
Doggysoft December 3, 2017
My favourite time of year. Love downloading this for Christmas. Disappointing that the previously familiar jingle doesn’t play on the front screen of the app anymore though.
GolfFanaticEst.2005 R November 30, 2017
I have used Google Santa Tracker every year since 2014, and it gets better every year! The redesiged Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve was great ! This year, the app is better than ever !
TheParanoid Monkey December 3, 2017
Very cool app. I used to only download this app for christmas, to get that holiday feeling, but now I think I am going to keep it because the games are fun
stacey campeau December 5, 2017
Man it is bad it aways crash like i cant even get in the app i rather just search it and use it on Google

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