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Matthew Zornes December 4, 2016
Search feature is broken I wanted to cast pics from r/earthporn but when I select my search result, nothing happens. Can’t even view that subreddit on my phone.
Jan Franzke May 25, 2016
The slideshow feature is a nice idea And I like the tabs, though it forces me to load all kinds of unwanted data when I just want to watch some unexpectedjihad. But the app is overall lacking some essential features that most of the popular reddit clients have already implemented like tap to dismiss a picture/gif. Also themeing and a night/amoled mode. A lot of room for improvement!
WearHub May 25, 2016
Yes, we know we have a lot of room for improvement, but the application is still in its initial release and under development. We are hoping to implement most of these features very soon. Thank you for your valuable feedback. Stay Tuned!
Joe Linebarger May 24, 2016
Interesting Looks good so far. Like the concept. But will not use over relay for now. If a night mode and account support become available, will definitely give it another shot.
WearHub May 24, 2016
These are coming in our next release. Stay tuned and thank you for the support 🙂
Andrew Garrett January 13, 2017
Many images preview right but give a blank white screen and no update on cast when I tap them
Manas Shah May 24, 2016
Missing account support Liking the app a lot. Please add account support and album support for imgur albums
WearHub May 24, 2016
Account & Imgur Album support are coming soon. Thank you for the feedback 🙂
Alex Esprit June 6, 2016
Looks nice!
G Dragon March 15, 2016
Love it GD
Umberto Morelli
Great Very nice!
Teatime Works February 16, 2016
Nice App! I have been looking for a modern design reddit chromecast app reddit for a while, this is the best cast app so far. LOVE IT! The setting panel seems too simple, I hope developer will keep adding new features.
WearHub February 18, 2016
We are working on new features. Stay Tuned!
Mehdi Krit
Great so far . Please let us queue all videos in r/video and the ability to share specific videos. Thanks!

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