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JCnME 4ever February 7, 2016
Does what it says Very nice. Once in a while it lags but it could be my phone
Ash Angus February 14, 2016
Poor YouTube Player The fires & aquariums are simply YouTube videos.. And it does a poor job of streaming them.
Wilson Cordero January 7, 2016
This is great for the kids to sleep I use this all the time. Awesome thanks
Andrew Newnham November 14, 2015
Good selection of fires, does exactly what you’d expect.
Alain Vassallo January 3, 2016
Love the fish ! Works great ! Thank you
kodi craig December 31, 2015
Santa 5\5 brilliant
Jamie Wirth November 5, 2015
Cute and peaceful Thank you!
Lynn Kaufman October 25, 2015
Jeremy Stansell
This app sucks All this app does is cast YouTube videos of fireplaces and aquariums – not even good quality videos at that.
skotte skott October 22, 2014
A little Annoyed Paid 99 cents also still get advertisements PLEASE FIX THIS or give us our money back. . But I take it you guys will fix this soon?
BB Applications October 22, 2014
Please use the feedback option to contact us, so we can help you with this problem.
Vicky Nazaryan December 9, 2014
Does what it says Great app! Seriously, I don’t review or rate ever. But after seeing the 3 star rating and reading the stupid comments people write I had to say something. People are dumb. This app does what it says and it ducking works great. Good job and thank you.
Scott MacKinnon October 19, 2014
Horrible I paid the 99 cents to remove ads but the ads are still there. There is no point to this app if ads are popping up. Ruins the intended result.
Bruce Wayne August 21, 2014
Stops after 10 min Is there any way to make it not stop? It cuts off after 10 minutes or so 🙁
BB Applications August 22, 2014
If you disconnect from your Chromecast (by killing the app for example) the video would stop. Changed it so that video will keep running even after disconnecting.
Michelle Hennessey
Great idea I’m so glad that someone had this idea! Wish it had the option to disable the sound effects within the app.

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