Rainy Window on TV/Chromecast Google Play Store Download

Christopher Jones June 5, 2017
Great, very relaxing
January 21, 2017
Work well.
Bob Mersman July 14, 2017
Pretty cool
Alma G. August 9, 2015
Love it Perfect! Runs 24/7 even whn wifi’s off or disconnected.
Michael Erb August 17, 2015
Excellent! Having fun in my bedroom.
Neal Head June 29, 2015
Awesome I love it, but the loop in audio is way too apparent.
Duniti Apps July 13, 2015
Hi! A new update has been published that makes the audio loop much longer and very seamless.
Namita Kaushik June 14, 2015
Very Relaxing!
Mitchell Nortje
Blurry video Although the sound is not a problem. The video with the rain on the window is blurry and raindrops are pixelated
Chole Wesson July 8, 2015
Not worth paying for There are only two rain sound options and backgrounds where as other apps offer several for free
Paul Davis June 27, 2016
Don’t work Just says loading, never does more.
Duniti Apps December 31, 2016
The latest update (version 1.2) fixes the occasional ‘stuck at loading…’ issue.

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