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Paul Nendick March 23, 2014
does what it says on the tin More stars are due when the app can cope with HTTPS sites with self-signed certificates. Also, it seems to struggle following HTTP redirects. Finally, what about web pages that require login and other interaction – it needs to be possible to input data. Please add these as a feature and the app will become very useful. update: fast feedback from developer, good to know the limitations.
Rabidgremlin Limited March 23, 2014
Unfortunately the browser built into the ChromeCast has all input functions disabled. As such it is not possible handle self-signed certs or entering data into forms. HTTP redirects should work (it has been tested with services such as bitly). Thanks for your feedback.
Fabien Camous January 2, 2015
Working as expected Really useful, used twice at work for displaying web based dashboard on big screen. Little problem, on all our displays, we can see a gray border (chrome ?) on left & top border preventing us to perform nice full screen experience.
Cort Stull

Does the job If the pages were interactive and if I didn’t have to setup every page from the app before casting them it would be five stars. With that said, this app makes sending webpages to Chromecast possible and that’s good enough to get the job done.
Wally Mahar June 8, 2014
Closest thing to doing what chrome does on PC It’s a shame this doesn’t show up with search terms like chromecast, webpage… Etc. Lot of people looking for something like this. WARNING: It’s not interactive. And seems to have memory issues with loading long pages.. Scrolling down at some point just scrolls to a black cutoff
Jeff Poole September 22, 2014
Exactly what I was looking for I have an office full of wall-mounted flatscreen TVs with Chromecasts. While its great to be able to change what they are showing on the fly, it is a pain to keep a browser window open in the background to cast various metrics and health checks somewhere we can see them. With this app, I can cast a page where I want it and it stays there even when I turn my phone off. That is EXACTLY what I wanted, and the people giving it poor reviews clearly don’t understand what it is good for. Thanks to the author!

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