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Bruce Reitz January 7, 2017
Caught ’em! Great App! Better than running to the visitor center for times. Saw a number of eruptions within minutes of Apps predictions. Not great for remote geysers though…
Daniel Gynn June 23, 2017
Very helpful when visiting Yellowstone
Ken Wang September 15, 2017
First time setup never finished…
GeyserTimes September 15, 2017
Hi Ken, This is a currently known rare bug that happens to some users. We do have a fix for it in our next big release! Please try restarting the app. If you continue to have issues please email us at we would be glad to walk you through to make sure you can get the app to work.
Jason Tollison September 19, 2017
Would not load.
GeyserTimes September 19, 2017
Hi Jason- Sorry you had a bad experience. GeyserTimes does require a data connection to receive data. Yellowstone NP has limited cellular data connectivity and wifi availability. As of September 2017, the most reliable cellular provider in the Old Faithful area and greater Yellowstone continues to be Verizon. All other carriers’ devices struggle.
Stacey Glasser July 22, 2016
Great app Love this app, utilize when in the park. Need help please, have new phone and pw and username did not transfer. Tried to have password reset, no email sent yet, have attempted twice, have checked spam as well. Thanks!
Ben Johnson June 12, 2016
Works great and now chromecast!! Streaming the O F cam to our tv is a great feature with this app and chromecast!
Mat O April 22, 2016
Chromecast streaming of webcam would be a nice option.
GeyserTimes April 25, 2016
Mat we just added this in our last update v3.2.0. If you are having trouble with it please email us
Micah Kipple June 10, 2016
Great App Simple, easy to enter times and pull up data, the best feature by far is the ability for you to enter a time disconnected from cell service or wifi, and then it will enter that time to the system whenever you connect. Outstanding!

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