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Drew Harrison April 19, 2017
Latest version appears to work just fine. Updated review as promised. 2 features that would be nice in future updates would be UI custimizability (i.e. colors), built in news feed for companies and changing the app so a Google login isn’t required everytime the app is opened.
Adam Apps March 1, 2017
Hey Drew, I am not seeing the issue on my end. Last night/early morning our hosting provider did have some issues so its possible that was related. Please use the back button to close the app and go back in and try again. If you still have issues please reach out to me at and I will help you asap. Thanks! Adam
Raven veley March 8, 2017
Great app. This is something I have been looking for, forever hopefully there will be new features!!
Adam Apps April 25, 2017
Thanks Raven! Our primary platforms are Android TV and Fire TV but hearing this helps when deciding on allocating more resources to the mobile (Chromecast) version.
Travis Minegar
Great New Stock App This app is great for being able to view all of the stocks that I follow. I love that I can follow them from my television at home as well!
Loren Devine October 5, 2016
Nice for viewing stock price changes quickly. Stocks can be organized which is convenient. Love that I can display it on my TV.
Joe Juracich October 5, 2016
Quick, Easy and Accurate. I installed the app, chose my stocks and hit cast. Now the monitor on the wall in my office keeps me informed at a glance. Painless and very Cool. A must have!
Nick Turner October 5, 2016
Great New Stock App This app is great for quickly organizing stocks and tracking them daily. Best feature is the ability to view it on my TV at home. Hopefully it gets more features as time goes in!
Kelsey Whalen July 28, 2016
Great Chromecast App I love that I can now use MarketCast with my Chromecast to show my stocks on the TV. Can’t wait for more features!
Adam Apps April 25, 2017
Thanks for your review! Glad you like the app!
Devin Voss
Nice app for displaying stocks on my TV.

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