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Hlynb93 November 10, 2017
I’ve previously had problems with the app, but it seems they’ve been fixed in the updates. I’m really satisfied now, it’s easy to use and a very helpful companion to the desktop site. 😊😊
Ana Toljic November 20, 2017
The app has a really good flow, I’d say visibility of the users and art is even better than the website version. So far I’m satisfied but again I didn’t post anything from the app, just monitored the activities and posts. It would be nice if the post could be liked before the end (so you don’t have to scroll all the way through to the end) because some projects are just massive (but good!) and not everyone has time to scroll that far. Overall – a good app!
Dan Buck October 31, 2017
Adobe really hit it out out the park! I’m more inspired than ever seeing the work flowing around me.
October 29, 2017
Needs a better feed composing system, live statistics, etc. The platform is good but kinda stuck in 2010 technologically.
Agent.VulkeN November 22, 2017
i want to be a well know artist. please do hit me up at instagram @fdlrdn hahahaha and yes i love Behance.
Vaishak Hebbar
If you are looking for losing your mind in something creative and unique, this is your stop.
Madhuri Sharma November 1, 2017
Uploading more work directly from phone should also be a future apart from this everything works seemlessly can share my portfolio on the go now!
Bazzio OneZeroOne October 30, 2017
CRapp to use. Freezes. Siezes. Stalls. Zero tuition. 1 file per “project”. 1 project per day.
Indranil Roy October 31, 2017
As a designer, Behance is an amazing platform to exhibit as well as see a lot of good work done by other creative professionals. 👍☺️
arun bibyan November 8, 2017
It’s really amazing app and I really loved it… especially the smoothness, user interface.👍
Jamilur Rahman December 1, 2017
The app crashes Everytime i try to upload a project
Rakesh Sahu December 4, 2017
Too bad behance is banned for Indian servers.
Limmuel June Baylin November 11, 2017
A lot of creative folks are showcasing there wildest talents here. Very nice community, almost all post are amazing, inspiring.
Chongnang Phakdeethossapol November 27, 2017
I love Behance so much. The illustration and other arts are extremely nice. And this app is very easy to use. I also love the categories labeling.

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