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Martin Dayao June 24, 2017
It works with Android Wear 2.0 and its so awesome! Seemless and reliable. Great job! Keep it up!
Andy Gates March 31, 2017
Super useful for tracking a few things
June 16, 2017
Voice function doesn’t function…nothing really to make it stand out from every other counter
Syakib Zidane June 18, 2017
Marco Mendoza February 25, 2017
Does as it says. Really well. Is better than other counters and tally’s back. Despite have ads that aren’t too big, would be great if with a donations can be removed. Great app, deserves 5 stars.
AppsKPB February 26, 2017
Thank you for your comments! 🙂
Robert Healy March 9, 2017
It works well, except the big plus button on the bottom of the screen prevents you from clicking the bottom counter in the list!
AppsKPB March 19, 2017
Thanks for reporting the error. It’s already fixed in the new update!
Karl Handley July 4, 2016
Really good Its a simple counter app but does this task extremely well. Used it for counting number of times anyone swore during EU debate of all things lol. Was a laugh
A Google User July 5, 2016
This application is the good I am using this app and this application first of all having the new idea and the other this is it doin like this is said… awesome..
ishan k January 1, 2017
Widget not working When i M using widget ,its showing app not installed.
AppsKPB January 9, 2017
Is it possible that you have installed the application on the SD card? The widgets of applications installed on the SD do not work. Anything write to

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