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vinay vinu November 13, 2017
Last 3 years I m using This app Pretty much good But Slow Uploads
Imelda FS September 15, 2017
Me and my fiance using this app. I just found out this app works better then other share app that really famous, let’s call it Db. This app it’s faster. Danke schön für You guys working behind this app. Amazing!🤗❤
Hilary Wright September 18, 2017
Great service. 5gbs free on signup is super. Really fast comms and servers. Connect via WebDAV on Linux. Highly recommended.
James Paul September 16, 2017
Great app and using it for a longer period,safety for your important files well developed… Loved it!!!
Ulf Hamster August 2, 2017
No dng file support for mobile uploads
Ted Saltmarsh August 22, 2017
Just started using using
ghulam hussain June 21, 2017
Very nice
Sumit Kumar July 12, 2017
It’s good
Tarek Ahmed June 22, 2017
Jason Alredge May 15, 2017
I think Hidrive is really good at providing extra storage for files, but I think it can be better at video playback on desktop computers.
Marlon Servanda March 29, 2017
Great app
Peter Wijgerse February 9, 2017
Works well, no annoying banners
Ime Prezime February 11, 2017
Works good for me …
The Five February 15, 2017
Nice and easy to use.. Great storage…
charlene gardiner January 12, 2017
Hidrive Downloads nicely on android tablet
Ray James December 8, 2016
Absolute rubbish, even after the update. Terrible App from such a large company. UI is amateurish. Does not synch correctly. Shame on you! Get some experienced programmers
John Macmillan February 4, 2017
15th October Still can’t access my files. I’ve lost 4 GB of stuff in your cloud which I can’t access since the last upgrade Fix this FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!!V
STRATO AG February 10, 2017
Hello John Macmillan We can not understand that. Please contact our support team. Best regards Your HiDrive team

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