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Benjamin Sparks September 9, 2017
The app crashed when trying to connect to a Chromecast device. Just so we are clear I am not running a rooted roamed phone. I am not a beta version of Android. I am running it on 8.0. It is no longer beta. I am using a pixel xl. This just didn’t work at all with the wifi chromecast. Wired chromecast and a TV with built-in chrome cast that is wired. It just doesn’t work. I will make the suggest to @Google to add this very simple feature to the basic clock app.
LordSky August 15, 2014
Basic but works great Very basic app. Suggest the dev, add more styles/font choices. Mote colors and fix the timer display. The preview on top is messed up. Great idea for board games. Perhaps add a buzzer when time is up. Mutiple clocks for different team names?
Thomas Brady October 26, 2014
Needs to not drop out Your app is no use of it dose not stay connected! I hope you are going to address this problem.
Ben Hovinga December 30, 2014
Very basic. Needs more Unable to set I time/date to countdown to. For instance countdown to new years.
Gabrielle August 13, 2017
Just go use your favourite timer app and use google home to mirror cast your phone. It’ll leave your phone somewhat useless for the duration of that timer, but then you get to use your favourite timer app instead.
Martin Gavin Kelly October 28, 2016
Need a time to countdown to E.g. countdown to 16:00hrs… I don’t want to sit and work out how many days, hours, minutes, seconds until a certain date & time.
Riley Whitten May 29, 2015
Crashes after four seconds. Every time the count down freezes after three or four seconds, then forces my chrome cast to reboot.
Dan Stevens February 24, 2016
Nice clean interface. Needs options for alarms. App has lots of potential .. such as options for alarms (when timer reached zero). Sounds .. Flashing Screen .. Image .. Effects ..
Nadav Ben-Haim May 25, 2015
Literally froze my chrome cast Tried it twice, failed twice. Had to manual reboot my chromecast.
Atle Magnussen May 20, 2016
Disconnects It disconnected after 2 minutes of my 5 min countdown
Brian Pritchett December 31, 2014
Can’t countdown to midnight I installed this app for new years and it is worthless
Phillip Crawley
Crashes before you can cast on pixel xl, should not be on app store.

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