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Jeff Z. April 22, 2015
Nice and simple I downloaded this mostly so I could cast pdfs. It seems to work reasonably well, with one minor annoyance: the colors are off. A slide that’s entirely black and white and grey shades is displayed with black text (ok) but pink shadings (not ok). If this could be fixed, this app would be suitable for my purposes.
SSCLab April 22, 2015
Hi Jeff, thanks for your review. If possible, could you please send to our support email an example of slide with the shaders that you are talking about. Thanks.
Valentin Nadasan February 20, 2016
Tried lots of apps to cast PDFs from an Android device to TV via Chrome cast but so far this is the only one that worked as expected. The only inconvenience is the long initial loading/opening time.
andrew binstock February 5, 2016
SlideCast works OK, however it has a hard time recognizing when you want to see a different PDF. Opening a new PDF in the app makes it visible on your device (phone/tablet), but not on the Chromecast device (TV). The app needs a way to tell Chromecast to load the new file.
Will Ronan December 14, 2015
Doesn’t Work! doesn’t cast pdfs, just opens them on the tablet and displays the “slidecast” logo on the chromecast
I download a pdf file and when I try to connect to Chromecast the app stops…then I tried to first connect to Chromwcast automaticly stops again!!!
Justin White January 14, 2015
Will chromecast pdf! Other apps claim to chromecast pdf but this one actually works. Please enable zoom feature and go to page.
Martin Bartlett February 8, 2015
Good idea that might be great eventually This is an app that is very much needed but, honestly, screen casting with adobe reader open is much more responsive at the moment.
Julius Wong January 7, 2016
It works very well & very easy to use. Have to load the file 1st, time depends how big the size is.
JoyJoy111 May 22, 2016
Why can’t I do a powerpoint that was converted to pdf?
July 15, 2017
I love it lalala lol 🙂
September 8, 2017
Eugene Medvedev December 21, 2014
I had high hopes for it I had high hopes for it, but it won’t load any pdf files I throw at it, which makes it useless.
SSCLab December 31, 2014
Dear Eugene, please download release 1.1 and try again. If you have problems, please send your PDF file to our support email address.
Daniel Hohenstein February 7, 2016
Horrid Shuts down as soon as I try and start it.

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