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Lizzy Stone June 23, 2016
I love this app, I can follow the free sessions which get harder as I improve, but it also allows you to mix it up from the programme and gives interesting articles about yoga and health. I don’t know what I would do without it. Suitable for beginners, but if you are advanced, you still have to start from beginner and work up. It will only unlock one yoga session per day so this could be tedious. For me it was nice to just make time for practice each day
Crystal Miller June 8, 2016
Very nice, but times would be helpful I like the setup of the app and how it works with a different lesson for each day. It explains each position in detail with a video example to help you do it correctly. The only things I would change would be 1) it’s obviously done by someone who’s primary language is not English. There’s no accent but some words are not translated correctly. 2) It would be lovely if each lesson showed the total amount of time for the day so you can plan ahead for how much time you will need for the next lesson.
Bulan Iskandar December 14, 2016
I would give it 10 stars if I could This app is so awesome. I found it hard to find an app that has level-based sessions. Since I’m just starting Yoga, this app has the sessions that get harder as you improve. As well as the single session for specific-purpose Yoga. However I would love if you’d add the lifetime fee. Thanks a lot for this !! Keep up the awesome work guys!!
Megan Wozniak March 29, 2016
Needs more poses I paid to subscribe to the additional programs but find that they are lacking in pose variety. The same handful of poses as the beginners timeline are used in the programs just in different orders, and the poses aren’t always relevant. Also needs smoother transitions, and more time to do so. Love the app itself, but it needs more variety in poses and difficulty
Yael Bar September 3, 2017
The variation in different poses is fine, but the phasing between them is cumbersome and uneven, having to jump from lying to standing position (or vice versa) in order to keep up is not very relaxing. Plus there is a bit of a discrepancy between the verbal description and the actual poses at times, which may be confusing. The progressive exercises are great, but unfortunately one cannot go beyond the apprentice level, even though the app definitely shows more levels (such as skilled) are ahead.

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