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October 15, 2017
Cool photo sharing, and I love that I can order prints so easy through Walgreens!
Budimovich Olesya June 12, 2017
Awesome app! It’s cool and easy to share photos with friends. It’s also very easy to print through Walgreens and fuji and it comes out awesome!
Jaipal Nijjar July 18, 2017
Super easy to use! I love that I can order prints too! Keep up the great work.
Ilya Vasilyev July 30, 2016
can’t even upload a photo, no reaction on “select” button
Janet Sun June 29, 2016
What a cool app Super fast downloads very efficient streaming wow!! I now have hundreds of gorgeous images at my disposal for memes, creating cool emoticons. Very intuitive stream selections just what I wanted
Erica Chang June 23, 2016
Photo sharing is now such a breeze! I used to find it so difficult to share photos with friends and families and this app just makes it so much easier.
Kamaljeet Maini July 10, 2016
Easy photo sharing I like using this app. Very easy to share pics with anyone. Good performance and nice features.
Didem Ersoz July 8, 2016
Great app to share photos. Just create different streams for different groups of friends and sharing photos becomes super easy!
sundarajan Srinivasan June 21, 2016
Convenient and easy to use It’s easy to share photo streams with the app. Finding and adding friends is easy as well. Overall and it’s neat and effective.
chezky felsen June 30, 2016
AWESOME APP!!! Extremely good app. Saves lots of room! Go floomit!!!!
Mariel Hunt August 5, 2015
Convenient and easy to use Used floomit on my trip to europe with 4 other friends. Was really great to have one platform with all the pictures on it, dont know why I hadnt discovered it sooner.
Yumiko Hamura April 24, 2015
Easy and fun!!! Very cool!
Marina Bukhankov February 20, 2015
Marina B Great app. Nice collaboration features. Used it a Bday party to have guests live stream photos to a Chromecast connected TV.

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