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Kit kit November 6, 2017
It needs some tweaking very hard to transfer documents to it. Very hard to work with coo could be much better.
Travis Truex June 11, 2017
Let !e play video over 350mb and add an upload speed limiter
Joann Anderson February 11, 2017
My frontier wounthe take my pass word
Crystal Sweeney January 11, 2017
Great thing to have, no worries
Jason McKinney January 5, 2017
Great app
Annie Jones November 11, 2015
Michael Rand December 1, 2014
All your stuff where and when u need it! Love this app! Not only does it backup my files from multiple devices, but it organizes by file type and allows me to share to other people. Best yet for sharing my pics and videos!
Patricia Gomez October 22, 2014
Nice! Back up all your stuff in one place. I reset my phone and I easily got all of my info back, awesome!
Gets the job done right the first time Great cloud based backup/sharing app from Frontier.
Tom Novy August 6, 2014
Content Anywhere Set it up once use it anywhere on anything
jeremy jackson December 27, 2014
Frontiers Great service promotion
John Johnson March 9, 2015
JJ Great app for everything
David Dahl December 1, 2015
Worst internet company ever They’re throttling my advertised 3Mps internet to 1.6Mps I asked them to speed it up they refused. I used to get full speed. I hate this company and will switch soon.
Bradley Kenealy January 7, 2017
Awful This is the worst company I have ever experienced and I will let every single person I know how bad this is!
Randall Moallankamp February 19, 2016
Really expensive for the meager about of storage space.
Ryan Lotter October 27, 2017
So far so good

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