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nathan ferris March 19, 2017
This app is poorly made. The map is not movable other than zoom. It doesn’t auto locate so by default settle,Washington is given very annoying. The slide show background is way too fast and you be able to set any photo or video as the backdrop. This app needs a lot of work and thought into it. The only useful thing is the weather function.
Carlos Ortiz June 3, 2017
The app is ok for what it does. And it’s the only one that works for me right now. But there are two things that prevent me from upgrading to pro. The first one might not be the app’s fault, so I don’t hold the app responsible. For some reason my Chromecast cuts part of the image on all sides. The second reason is that it’s missing a Tasker plugin. Add that and jinkies, I might even pay triple the asking price for pro. With the, it will allow me to use your app EVERY single day, and not just when I just remember to.
Derrick Jones
Crash crash crash glitch glitch glitch. Sorry guys, it’s not working out well for me. Sometimes the widgets will display, sometimes they won’t. Crashed three times within two minutes, sorry I didn’t work out.
Brandon S February 25, 2017
This app wouldn’t run on my Chromecast. It would just go to a black screen.
Percy Jackson April 16, 2017
I liked it enough to consider building a Magic Mirror… Can you change the orientation of the display?
mike 0707 June 3, 2017
I wish I knew how to get it to pop up on my TV screen. The only thing that keeps popping up is my phone that is mirrored to my screen through Chromecast
Jeff Hesser September 21, 2017
Fantastic app! Wish I could run it natively on my Android TV and support for vertical displays would be nice. Unfortunately, it does not seem to load my calendar. =\
Daniel Slavin November 14, 2017
Stopped working, crashes incessantly. Used to be a go to app, now it’s uninstalled.
Troy Thompson May 30, 2017
Needs tasker support so it can be automated
Richard Janda
Cekal jsem vice widgetu

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