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James Green December 27, 2014
Does not support all formatts Only plays local files, I tested rich player with live TV url,s such as rtmp, Hls&rtsp and it could not play any of those files. Now I wonder can it play m3u8,files? Music player is fine but video player can’t play live TV like mxplayer or rockplayer, your video player needs this update and fast. Once your video player can play the files listed, I will give a 5 star rating.. until then i must uninstall for now because 19 mb of space just for the music player is not worth keeping.
Treva H November 4, 2014
Chromecast issues It plays regular local videos ok but when I try to cast a live stream using this player I get “rich media player has stopped working” message and it happens whilst casting local video on occasion as well. Otherwise it would be a decent player.
Sachin M September 27, 2014
Chromecast fail Also doesn’t list any og my videos recorded in my phone. Only pics can be sent to Chromecast but even that is too slow.
Sebastian Diederich
Never even opens Rich media player stopped working. That’s the only I ever got from this app. It never managed to work… Waste of memory

Justin Trouble January 4, 2015
Crashes on start Crashes on start with the error “Unfortunately, Rich Media Player has stopped” on my Nexus 5 running Lollipop. I’ve sent in a report.
Nicolas Dennis January 11, 2016
Best video player Best video player ever! But could the user interface more friendly looking? Like the desktop ver. And please support for mkv sub. Otherwise PERFECT thx.
Karim Sherif August 30, 2015
A failure Crashes on Android 5.1.1 let go any other promises
Shared Watson March 3, 2015
Crashes to chromecast Which was the whole point of me using the app.
Mohammed Aleem December 1, 2014
Fails to start. Nexus 5 with android lollipop
John Veltman March 14, 2015
Like other users. Crashes to chrome cast.
Darryl Block May 1, 2016
Crap. Downloaded… Won’t open.
oliver hunt April 25, 2015
Don’t waste your time or money Doesn’t work half the time
Trafe Brewer August 18, 2014
Won’t beam to chromecast All my media in one place with no place to go. Shows the icon to connect with my chromecast but it does nothing.

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