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ماجد الناعبي June 19, 2017
Hate it I hv downloaded it bt nt working. I cant listen to any music
E͛l͛e͛c͛t͛r͛i͛c͛ A͛n͛g͛e͛l͛ February 9, 2016
PLEASE help When I look up a song on YouTube it doesn’t pops up :/
MultiTask123 LLC February 17, 2016
Hi Rin… This was due to a sudden breaking change in the YouTube API. I issues an update a few days ago that fixes this issue and restores full YouTube functionality. Let me know if you have any issues… Cary
Ricardo Bremme August 2, 2016
So amazing!
Sparky Jones May 5, 2015
Bad track selected Only thing I ever saw. Uninstalled
MultiTask123 LLC May 8, 2015
I would love to help you with this but you would need to put in a support ticket at It could have been due to a bad wifi connection or any number of factors. If you ever would like to try it again I will personally get you squared away – Cary
jcbarona23 November 9, 2015
Hey there! Saw you on Reddit, going to try it out now…
Bruce Wilson
Nicely done An alternative source for the best music streaming.
Raleigh Commins May 20, 2015
Awesome app I love how easy to use this app is! Music is my life and this app is awesome!
al grator May 2, 2015
“features not available w/o registered account” uninstalled email/password farming app
MultiTask123 LLC May 3, 2015
The only feature not available without an account is saving stations to our servers. Other than that you can use the app without limits anonymously. FYI all passwords are salted & hashed before reaching our servers via HTTPS and then both emails and passwords are encrypted for our users protection. I’m an app developer, not a farmer. – Cary
Lee Beal December 26, 2015
Please update guys
James Sampson December 2, 2015
Awesome Who ever wants free music this is the one
Shawn Lopez August 6, 2015
Great App!

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