30DAYS Google Play Store Download

30DAYS Google Play Store Download

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thatthebee nithi September 4, 2017
I love this app for it minimal on design and size. However, I redownload it again but i couldnt even get through the first page due to ‘network error’ while other apps are working well. I have already turn off the phone, uninstall, redownload. Still couldnt work out. Sorry guys. 🙁

Sah3r Zaheer December 8, 2014
It helps me motivated to keep squatting and increase the number of squats day by day, also helps to stay on track and is great of you want to make you specific part to be toned and stronger, I like it , but too many Ads.

Alicia Comiskey August 6, 2015
Haven’t started yet, but I was wondering if the prices for the challenges in premium are monthly or a one time payment?

tammy uthairungsri July 23, 2015
Love it!!! Just completed 30 days! Starting the second round! =) Great app. Simple but effective! Having a reminder each day to go work out is great! Thank you! ^^

Kelly Oehrlein January 1, 2015
Love that there are several 30 day challenges in ONE app. And it will remind me daily to do my challenges

Neil Ordinario February 4, 2016
Apparently no longer being developed Simple. But timer is way too fast.

Katherine Smith January 27, 2015
Another helpful tool It helps form habit and build slowly. Bases on existing ability.

Carolyn Bilton September 25, 2015
Timer no accurate I like the simplicity of the app. But the timer is very inaccurate!

Jennifer Trumbore November 23, 2014
Full of bugs The timer flips too quickly and the app crashes if you try to do anything else on the phone while you plank. Hoping for a fix!

Theo Isaac August 7, 2014
efficent its really percise with calculating how many of each excersize you can do normally and increasing the number of times each day. its an amazing app! i love it

Kruno Skaric March 10, 2016
unrealistic the number of repetitions increases way too quickly, even on easy. Otherwise the app actually had me trying to complete the month.

Abi Watts October 5, 2015
Awesome Now I can figure out ways to keep myself in shape and have time to

Angie Runion January 14, 2016
Good app I like that it will remind me everyday to do the challenge(s) I choose. Simple and easy to use format

Simon Gardner May 8, 2015
Excellent app for multi exercise! With the added benefit of difficulty levels

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