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June 6, 2017
Helped us through some difficult moments in Japan and was fun for all to enjoy (not just us).

K M March 12, 2017
Didn’t allow me to set up account

Elizabeth Luckert July 29, 2014
Pretty cool Works well translates languages. Greek doesn’t work

Kenichi Kambara May 15, 2016
Thank you so much!!

뿌앵 March 5, 2014
Awesome It recognizes voice very well and translates too

YoIts JoJo January 6, 2014
Cool Jo

Kenichi Kambara February 11, 2014
Thank you so much.

A Google User January 26, 2011
Wat kind of change yo voice is dhis if u cnt even call out…. Thats retarded … That is y I got rid of it

A Google User August 25, 2010
Useless. The software is in another language like Japanese. Therefore you can’t learn how to use it.

Amira Arnold November 5, 2014
You can get p A as the first time

Kenichi Kambara May 15, 2016
If you have any troubles, could you contact me? I’ll do my best for you.

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