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Chess, chess 960, practice mate positions, solve puzzles, play online (FICS), chromecast.
One of the most versatile free chess apps without ads.
Open sourced.



August 15, 2017

100,000 – 500,000

Current Version

Requires Android
3.0 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 3+

Offered By
Jeroen Carolus

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January 27, 2017
1. threatened squares: Displays the status of each piece on the board. A red square means that the piece is under attack and not sufficiently defended, or that it is being attacked by a piece of lesser value. This is usually a pretty serious danger signal and means you must take active measures to avoid losing a piece. Yellow means that the piece is under attack, but it is just sufficiently defended. You must be careful about removing any defending piece. Green means the piece has enemy contact but is well defended. Usually it is okay to remove a defending piece.
Farhad Ghasemzad September 20, 2017
It is really good. Needs some improvements with GUI. it’s a bit confusing specially when I hit the back button then I can’t find my FICS account and I reconnect.
August 29, 2017
This app has everything a chess player could ask for, as long as they aren’t Gary Kasparov. It is FUN to play, and challenging to the layman, without all of the (sorry guys), named opening moves etc, (snore Zzz) . The engine can be adjusted to different strengths, and the graphics are okay, but they are the one thing that needs improvement. This game has NO ADS!! Which makes it a treasure. Hats off to the developer for a good app. I’m keeping it.
Jens Claes Hoelgaard February 28, 2017
After update of Android 6.0.1 on my Samsung A6 tablet the board no longer fits the screen (only 6×8 fields) no matter what I do! Great before – now useless. Please fix asop.
A.G. Martinez August 13, 2017
Fischer Random, yay! Clicking Install UCI Engine without any engines will delete all games. And then I found the export games to SD card, boo!
Anup Roy October 15, 2017
When I am trying to play online, pieces are not visible. Any reason?

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Math Duel for Chromecast

Math Duel for Chromecast Android

Math Duel for Chromecast is a multiplayer mathematics battle game that pits players against each other to solve math equations! The first player to score 10,000 points wins.

**Chromeast device required.**
*Ad supported*

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION for Math Duel for Chromecast Android

January 1, 2015

10,000 – 50,000

Current Version

Requires Android
4.1 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 3+

Offered By

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Melanie Ratzlaff November 13, 2016
Way too fast! Perhaps an option to adjust the length of time given to answer the question? As is, it give about 3 seconds or less. By time you look down from the TV screen and find and type the digits of the answer, there is just no time left to hit the enter button. The question difficulty is great for kids, but they aren’t given ANY time to figure out the answer, nevermind input it.
Ben Brace July 9, 2016
Really enjoyed the game with family, wouldn’t mind some options for difficulty though, harder questions with multiplication and brackets, eg 5 + (3 x 7). Also there is a bug, if you rotate the screen the player gets out of the game
Darren Roberts October 23, 2015
Nice but Great concept, it should be amazing but as the questions are clearly aimed at kids the timer is too quick for them. It makes the game totally unplayable.
Nate Hadro March 7, 2015
Could be better The game works very well, but I wish it had a difficulty option. Add in multiplication and division.
Thom Hiatt
Blast! For the while family! This is so much fun to complete between parents and between kids, then winner vs winner, etc. Great and simple high tech family fun.
Gregory McDaniel March 21, 2015
too fast needs a setting to give more time to solve the equation–can’t play with my kids just learning
arne vandeleene May 31, 2015
No options? Would be better to be able to set a maximum, my child only learned to do additions and subtractions below 20
Zubaid Kazmi January 14, 2017
No way to adjust the timer Way too short. By the time you look down to type your answer the time is up. Dumb design.

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Puzzle Cast Multiplayer Jigsaw

Puzzle Cast Multiplayer Jigsaw Android

Do you like Jigsaw Puzzles? Do you like doing them with friends?

Puzzle Cast lets you put jigsaw puzzles together with friends and without the mess in multiplayer mode! Play with up to 6 friends at a time and compare who puts the most pieces in place! With tons of free puzzles and more added regularly, Puzzle Cast has a lot to offer! Whether it is a good jigsaw puzzle game to play during your down time, or a chromecast game to play with friends, Puzzle Cast has got you covered.

Puzzle Cast Multiplayer Jigsaw Android Features:
• 150+ Puzzles across 12+ categories from Animals to Landscapes to Classic Cars
• 20 difficulty levels up to 400 pieces
• Rotate pieces for even more of a challenge
• Earn badges and master each puzzle
• Multiplayer mode to play with friends or Single Player mode to play solo
• Chromecast games (or any cast enabled device) and local wifi games are modes available in Multiplayer
• Each puzzle is different each time you play it – never the same jigsaw pieces twice!
• Save puzzles you are working on to complete them later
• Intuitive and easy to use UI makes navigating the app and playing puzzles feel natural
• 1080p HD Puzzles

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION for Puzzle Cast Multiplayer Jigsaw Android

February 10, 2017

10,000 – 50,000

Current Version

Requires Android
4.1 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 3+

Offered By
Werebear Studios

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Reannan Shipway September 15, 2017
I love it. The only small issue I have is, upon opening saved games, the previously completed parts of the puzzle have disappeared.
Zdencsious June 5, 2017
Corners become frequently misaligned to the point where completion is unnecessarily difficult, as multiple misaligned planes exist that the pieces will randomly snap to.
Tumi Mphahlele September 15, 2017
Fantastic app,, The multiplayer is great. Best in the market so far.
Ranjith T September 26, 2017
No one is there to play online
Polar Beh August 19, 2017
Looking forward more variety of puzzles.
Mike Binns November 24, 2016
Can’t play together You can’t actually play together doing the same puzzle, you are playing separate puzzles and the tv in Chromecast doesn’t show the actual pieces just the completed picture.
Michael Greaney November 25, 2016
Fun puzzle game to play with friends Few bugs like stuck corner piece and kicked out of multiplayer game mid game but still cool.
Ed Marguglio November 16, 2016
Most excellent jigsaw puzzle app. I like jigsaw puzzles. So happy with thus app. I wish I had a larger screen to play it on. Lol.
Werebear Studios November 18, 2016
Glad you are enjoying it Ed!
Rebekkah Coker October 19, 2016
Love it. Can’t stop playing.
Werebear Studios November 7, 2016
Glad you like it Rebekkah!
Robert Welshons November 23, 2016
I doesn’t cast at all
Werebear Studios November 25, 2016
Hi Robert – sure it does! Tap on Multiplayer, then enter a player name, then tap on Chromecast. After that, you will be shown a list of devices to cast to.
NFSboy 2016 November 9, 2016
Solving puzzles Its so fun!
Werebear Studios November 18, 2016
Happy you like it 🙂
Ricardo Garcia
Best jigsaw puzzle app.
Yesenia Arriaga
I love it thants

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Veggie Slice! (Chromecast)

Veggie Slice! (Chromecast) Android

*Chromecast (Google Cast) device is required*

Slice the Veggies as fast as you can in the direction of the arrow. The faster you slice, the more points you get.

Swipe in the direction of the arrow to slice the veggies. Don’t swipe the bomb!

Compete with your friends on the Google Play leaderboards. Unlock all of the Achievements.
Other features? Please email me your suggestions.

Graphics are intentionally simple. The Chromecast hardware does a great job with video, however it is not intended to be used for extreme gaming. I would rather have simple graphics and a smooth experience than a laggy game.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION  for Veggie Slice! (Chromecast) Android

March 5, 2017

10,000 – 50,000

Current Version

Requires Android
4.0 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 3+

Offered By
BV App Labs

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kimberly deeb August 2, 2016
Horrible Wtf?
Papapau Pansay December 5, 2015
No start button
Gedd M December 31, 2014
Boring Absolutely nothing of interest here
Jonathan Peterson November 11, 2014
Skip Hard to tell what’s going on. No indication of what the swipes are going.
B Rus
Really wanted it to be better I had great hopes of being able to say that this app really wasn’t so bad. But to be honest it doesn’t perform on a usable level. I was able to connect to my chromecast but it was not able to register at least 3/4 of my swipes. I understand there are great difficulties trying to make a platform that’s not made to be this highly interactive into a usable interface and I admire the devs initiative, but I don’t think I could honestly give it more than 2 stars. Hopefully these issues will be addressed.
Justin French July 18, 2014
This is terrible. Not very responsive. And there is limited animation so you cant tell what you are doing
BV App Labs July 22, 2014
Sorry to hear that you had difficulty running the game. The graphics capability of Chromecast is quite limiting. I look forward to the next generation of Google Cast devices, you will see better games then..
ANIMEZING KOREAN August 25, 2014
Wont even connect to chromecast.
BV App Labs October 5, 2014
Please email me so we can try to fix the problem you are having.
Matt Lane May 14, 2014
Pretty good for initial release. Decent little game. Innovation is what will make the CC useful. This is innovative for sure.
BV App Labs June 25, 2014
Thanks for the feedback. I hope you enjoy the game.
Dustin Bewley December 25, 2016
Just plain awful
A.R. Schneider
Just bad

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Rube Android

Rube is a doodling app on Chromecast or multiple connected devices.


Rube Android Features:
• Cooperative doodling over bluetooth
• Cast your doodle on TV
• Game board generator for Sudoku, Loop-d-loop and Word search
• Multiple books support to keep your useless doodles organized
• Draw emojis on KitKat and later devices
• Write text using 200 fonts (powered by Google fonts)
• Auto save and infinite undo
• No ads (for now :D)

Note the app required external storage permission to store the images/notes


September 25, 2017

10,000 – 50,000

Current Version

Requires Android
6.0 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 3+

Offered By
Painless Apps

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Arief Dwi December 5, 2017
I am looking for app that can can be used to draw in images to give short notes and highlights. This app is simple, no ads, low on storage, good control, and do the job easily. I recommend it.
Sunil Chauhan October 3, 2017
Required more puzzle page
¿?¿? November 5, 2017
Doesn’t connect to Chromecast
shahroz ahmad December 5, 2015
Are u faking?? Just tell me how to connect two damn devices over Bluetooth.. I m really frustrated.. Quick
Benson Pontawe February 22, 2016
Maybe it’s just me, but I wasn’t able to clear the page without making a new one, and there wasn’t an eraser.
Andy Funk January 2, 2016
What it does it does well This doesn’t have many features but I wanted something that works with chromecast and this works great.
Kcow Moo October 3, 2016
Does not work but causes error messages and crashes when connecting to Chromecast.
David Conway October 16, 2016
404 error when casting from LG 4.
an Stone November 7, 2015
Word search … doesn’t generate words in directions other than left to right horizontally.
Mai Lee Cyprus November 21, 2015
Off center! When you draw on your device it doesn’t match the image on screen!
Bence Lukács September 22, 2016
Do it’s job Works, easy to use.
Kristina Wheeler August 2, 2015
HELP? I have no idea how to cast it to the TV. A QR code pops up but it only gives a non functioning URL when scanned? What am I missing?
August 25, 2015
🙂 i was looking everywhere for a good app for drawing and editing and now my quest is over
Hadi Afra
This app is amazing I installed this app a long time ago to play with its Chromecast features, but did not use it anymore. Today I wanted to quickly doodle on a screenshot and share it with a messaging app. I decided to give Rube a shot to see if it can do that job. And to my pleasant extreme surprise, it was one of the most enjoyable and streamlined tasks one can do on their phone. So here it is, even not considering all the Chromecast features, I highly recommend this app to anyone, for a streamlined doodling and resharing.

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